Monday, May 2, 2011

Bargain Hunter

I feel silly but even though I am saving money...I am disappointed when I have to pay anything. What is up with that. Clearly I need a heart check with my motives for this coupon game. Anyways, here are my weekly deals so far! I have a lot of small items that I am and have been able to donate, so that is always next task is figuring out crazy deals for food! It would be great if we had more choices around this area...but it will work out!!

Anyone have any tips or ideas how to do better??

Walgreens Trip One
Precise Pain Killer FREE
GUM Flossers FREE after RR
Bic Sol Bella Razors .99
OOP: $2.10
RR Received: $4.00

Walgreens Trip Two
GUM Flossers FREE after RR
Bic Sol Bella Razors .99
RR Applied $3.00
RR Received:$4.00

Soft Scrub .09
(2) Colgate Toothpast FREE
Clean & Clear Body Wash .80 each
OOP: $2.66
ECB: $6.54

Lysol Wipes
(2) Allegra 5ct. FREE
(2) Bars of Ivory FREE
Gum (no coupon)
Subtotal: $17.70
OOP: $3.79

1 comment:

  1. I was behind a lady with quite a few coupons at the store this weekend. She kept apologizing to me, and I kept telling her it was no problem. I thought it was funny she felt bad. :)