Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because homework can wait, until tomorrow

I am so excited to share my Walmart run tonight! It comes with a funny story to be sure. While we were waiting on a manager to open the cash register... :) some guys behind me starting making fun of me for my coupons.

Here is the exchange:

Guys: "Oh yea, (laugh) we need some coupons as well."
Me: "Yes, you do! They are crazy amazing!"
Guys: "They should offer a class (laugh) for coupons.
Me: "They do, actually May 19, Eaglepoint, great teacher!"
Guys: (laughing) "I cannot believe they have that!!!"
Cashier: "Here is your change."
Guys: "Did you just get paid for shopping here."
Me: (laugh) "I did. Night guys."

(2) Bic Shavers
Similac formula
Dental Floss
Pedigree dog food

Break down
Total Due: $15.52
Coupons: $17.00
Made: 0.08 cents

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