Monday, April 18, 2011

Just keep learning, learning, learning...

So I have made two trips to CVS and Walgreens this week already. Being the geek that I am I have to share my finds!!

Walgreens (Sunday Trip)
Headband: Free
Toothpaste: Free
Total: 0

CVS: (Sunday Trip)
Covergirl foundation:
(2) eye shadow
Lip stick
Maybelline mascara
(1) eye shadow
Edge Shaving Cream
(2) Green Bag Tags (Free)
Easter Grass (Free)
Egg Dye Kit (Free)
Reach Floss (Free)
GE Energy Saver Light bulb (Free, money maker)

Worth: $52.29
Paid: $18.00
ECB: $10.26
Total Out of pocket: $7.74

Walgreens (Monday Trip)
Scott's Natural Paper Towel $2.00
(2) Paper Plates $1.79
(2) Splenda: Free and a money maker
(2) Peeps: Free

Worth: $14.87
Paid: $3.62
Out of pocket: .62 cents

CVS (Monday)
Water $2.22
Stove Top .38

Gift Card: $2.04
Out of pocket: .56 cents

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