Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mental Decorating Begins Now

With an upcoming moving in the near future, planning for the look is honestly most of the to actually making it happen! With a large(r) living room and kitchen than I am use to AND two bedrooms to make homey (as well as the bathroom)...I am thrilled at the decorating challenges that are sure to take place!

Okay so future nesting place has an amazing front window. Naturally, love the look of this couch in front of the windows (I can just imagine the naturally lighting and a great Jane Austen book on lazy weekends) this from anthropologie (let the thrifting begin).

and this as well (these curtains are charming!)

The luxury of having two bedrooms to play with, is almost enough to make me dizzy with excitement! I don't have much starting off, so I would love to find a dresser similar to this (DIY project in near future perhaps?!) Also the lamp...wowzers.

I know for certain it is time for my frames to be revamped and I do love the look of these frames and the diversity it adds to the wall.

Loads of marvelous ideas to dream about for the day.


  1. you're moving?? Where? When?? We obviously have TONS to catch up on!

  2. Love the ideas!!
    There was the cutest idea I saw, that I want to do with my house when I get one. .
    It's different wooden picture frame hung on the wall with no picture and no glass, it's so neat looking!