Friday, June 29, 2012

What is a behind a title anyways?

A few pictures from this past weeks adventures. 

Sleeping in a car (should have snagged a pix) :)
Universal Studios
The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference (A-ma-zing!!)

It never ceases to amaze me when God does something in your life in a big way, it at times, it does not comes loudly or with great neon signs alerting you of what is impending...but as a book I just finished is so appropriately a voice in the wind. There are so many things that He has been teaching me, breaking me and just changing my heart about. Some of it I have not noticed right away and other things I have been striving to hold onto in fear of losing the "control" sense it gives me. Oh how my spirit is willing but my flesh is so weak. My prayer at this point has become like David's in Psalm 61:4. 
" Let me dwell in your tent forever! 
Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings! Selah" 

Here are just a few shots of our Universal Trip :)

The famous Hogwarts! 

Only the best roller coaster ride and movie EVER!
Thanks Alicia for sharing in the craziness that was a weekend with me!

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  1. Very well written!! You should write more and perhaps advertise a bit. You are a good read.
    As for as our adventure, a top 10.
    1. Orlando is such a short drive with you. Time flies...
    2. Sleeping in the car...never thought a possible bullet to the head would be preferred over heat stroke. We should have lowered the windows.
    3. Who knew being single got you VIP backstage passes.
    4. Universal should hire you for guest relations.
    5. Mummy!!!! Again please.
    6. Ice cream for at least one meal a day? YES!!!
    7. Apparently Orlando does NOT have a Carabas.
    8. You, Nancy and Kristyn are one in the same.
    9. Empty bookstores are dangerous.
    10. We are a hazard to all other women.
    When, where and what is next? Bring it sweet friend.