Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deals: they weigh more than they look

So I have not done a coupon post in a bit and so I have to satisfy the geek in me with news of my evening Winn Dixie run (well walk). Roxie (my car) has been in the shop all week leaving me quite lost without her. Thankfully I have a great bike and I love to walk. Lets just say while attempting to walk home with all of my bags meant: one. 1.5 miles never felt as far as it did with 7 bags and two. a cop asked if I needed help. Enough said.

Okay so Winn Dixie:

Grand total worth- $75.00
Paid: $31.00
Equals: Happy Katerri (although...I would have loved to been under 28 dollars)

In other news: Ran another 5k this past weekend, was thrilled to improve my slow time. Carla rocked it out as well. So of course here is a pix of us in all our lovely post-run glory. lol

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