Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Updates and Goals

Well I am so thrilled to be in my new place. Mom and I have started calling it the 'cottage', which makes it loads of fun. lol. Any woo, I suppose besides continuous decorating and having friends over, I am working on a frugal living lifestyle. I have really had it on my heart to be a better steward of what God provides, it is all His and I have not been very wise at times in regards to what He blesses me with. So, my new challenge is getting out of debt and living debt free. I suppose before I can dream of being debt free, I need to get out of it first! I am so thankful for the people God has placed in my life that are living examples what it looks like to "watch over the affairs of their household". So far I am on week two of couponing and playing the "drugstore game"...this is loads of fun! Now I need to work on grocery shopping skills and creating (sticking to) a budget!

Two weeks left of school and crazy piles of homework, studying, and papers to knock out. Prayfully I remain dedicated to this! :)

In terms of decorating, here are a few ideas that I would love to work on:

First of all, I REALLY need some great bookshelves (my poor books are still boxed)...

This just screams spring and fresh breezes in your home...

I have hardly nothing on the walls yet...they are lonely...

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