Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Price is Right!

So today was my weekly drug store game visit and naturally I am very excited to post my deals!! I now have enough Kellogg's UPC to get the $10.00 gas card!! That will be going in the mail tomorrow!!

Heinz White Vinegar
2 Hot Wheel Cars (for Jacob)
2 Lysol Kitchen Cleaners
Easter candy (filler)
Carefree Panti-liners (free)

Out of pocket total: 92 cents
plus a $1.00 towards next week

2 boxes of Raisin Bran
2 boxes of Corn Flakes
2 bages of Easter M&Ms (for mom)
1 easter candy egg (free)
3 boxes of Special K 90 cal. bars

Out of pocket total: $8.90
EVC: $4.00
So like paying $4.90
plus a $.74 push towards next week

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