Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bake Me a Cake...

First attempt at baking a cake from scratch!

Things I learned:

  1. Don't use wheat flour....weird aftertaste in the cake.
  2. Make sure you use all the necessary ingredients...did I or did I not add the milk??
  3. Figure out how to successfully get a cake out of a pan.
  4. Cake is not nearly as yummy without icing of some kind.
  5. When at first you don't succeed....practice another day.


  1. First...I love seeing my kitchen in the pictures. Second....the cakes look good...you should have made the yummy fudge icing and just poured it on top. You might as well go all out and forget calories when baking a cake :) Third..I read the post below...do you have bangs? It looks so good!! Can't wait to skype Thursday!! Love you.

  2. You can bake with wheat flour! Use King Arthur White Wheat! It's much softer and more like white! :)