Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Joy of Fearing

With the full knowledge that is blog goes unread by anyone but myself...I just had to share thoughts as I am going through Jerry Bridges, "The Joy of Fearing God". Let me backtrack to about last year- I started going through a Psalm a day and searching out characteristics of God. I came across Psalm 2:11, "Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling. " Automatically, I am searching my heart to see what this looks like in my life- which lead me to pondering what more God's word had to say about the fearing the Lord. One verse after another, as God's word always does, was building upon itself. So after talking with others about this...I came across this book to which I previously referred. So back to the point eh.

Bridges states "We cannot separate trust in God from the fear of God. We will trust Him only to the extent that we genuinuely stand in awe of Him." (pg 48). He goes on to say that we don't see that kind of Old Testament miracles that the Israelites had...but that God has "chosen to carry out His purposes and to work in behalf of His people through seemingly ordinary events." (pg 49). All of that to lead to me to this question:

What are some miracles that God has done in your life?

A few of mine are:
* the fact that God has redeemed me. (still not over that one)
* college education and the full time job to pay for it
* The relationship that I have with Christ
* Life
* All of His blessings that I know of and those that I don't think of

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